Out of My League

by Simon Viklund

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A retro pop song inspired by iconic 80's artists like Cyndi Lauper. The idea was to write a song conveying the innocense of a teenage crush set to high-spirited music - endearing elements of past pop culture that many of today's stars have replaced with uncultivated, attention-seeking vulgarity.

Recording and mixing this song was my final project when I studied at School of Audio Engineering.


"Lying on my bed, looking at his picture
All the girls agree he's cutest boy in town
This boy and me - us hooking up is fiction
All the girls foresee he's gonna turn me down

But I, I'll show them
I'll show everyone!

Who said the boy is out of my league?
I won't just get him intrigued
I'll sweep him off of his feet - yeah!
Who said I can't be the girl of his dreams?
I hear I don't have a shot
But I'll give it all that I got - yeah!

Next day in school, I spot him by his locker
I pick up my nerve as I'm closing in
This girl right here - nothing's gonna stop her
The others they look on, watching me begin

And I, I'll show them
I'll show everyone!

There's no way I will ever believe
What they say about you being too hot for me
I got a lot that has yet to be seen
And when I show you then I know you will wanna be with me!"


Music, lyrics, programming, production & mix: Simon Viklund
Vocals: Frida Guldstrand
Drums: Andreas Öjebrandt
Bass: Tobias Grenholm
Guitar: Johannes Runemark
Saxophone: Jonas Thander



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Simon Viklund Stockholm, Sweden

Composer & all-around creative person

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